Oocyte vitrification of eggs and sperm and testicular tissue freezing

We understand that having a family does not necessarily happen at a prearranged moment. However, for some people this can be very important, or at least they prefer to keep their options open.

The age with which we actually reach stability in life so as to propose ourselves the purpose of creating a family is very advanced and cannot be the adequate in biological terms. Our greater life expectancy, some habits and certain pathologies for their own characteristics or for the treatment (cancer, immune deficiency illnesses) can affect the reproductive system.  The cryopreservation of gametes is an option for those people that simply because of their working, socioeconomic or personal situation prefer to postpone the decision of creating a family.


-Oocyte vitrification

-Sperm and Testicular Tissue Freezing


Oocyte vitrification


This is the technique that offers greater possibilities to preserve a woman’s fertility. It comprises the same steps as that of In Vitro Fertilization, with the difference that the eggs are not be inseminated, they will be cryopreserved through vitrification. The great advantage of this procedure is that the eggs could be cryopreserved to an adequate age and in better conditions than what can occur with the passage of time or the negative effects of a treatment and in this way to maintain them in liquid nitrogen for the desired time.

The procedure by which the eggs are vitrified is very similar to that of the embryos, with slight changes that permit to optimise the survival of the eggs to the treatment. The survival rate of the eggs to the treatment is bigger in a woman under 35 years of age and the clinical use has demonstrated to have the same success rate as if they were fresh eggs.



  • Women with desire to conceive and do not want to be affected by age.
  • Women who are going to be treated by chemotherapy to fight cancer or any kind of treatment that could have a negative affect on the ovary (surgery).
  • Those women with low response to ovarian stimulation who would like to be submitted to a preimplantational genetic diagnosis (PGD) procedure and in this way to count with sufficient number of embryos.


Sperm and Testicular Tissue Freezing


It is a simple technique that allows the man to have confidence to accomplish his reproductive desire.

  • Men with desire to conceive who do not want to see their reproductive potential reduced by age.
  • Men who will be treated by chemotherapy to fight cancer or any type of treatment that could have a negative effect on the testicle (surgery).
  • Men diagnosed with azoospermia after undergoing a process of sperm retrieval of testicular tissue present viable sperm.