The Rincón Fertility Institute (RFI) is a scientific, medical and human team helping those people with Fertility problems.

Fertility problems are of great concern in our society. Due to the increased social awareness of this problem, bio medic platforms have been developed for its treatment. The CRFI was founded in 2004 as an enterprise group, offering its services to the Malaga Province. Today these services are available to all nationalities, infact one out of two patients comes from abroad. Our quality and success (link tasas de exito/success rate) is based upon experience, we treat cases with scientific approach as it is rated in the publication of our results. We guarantee peace of mind with our experienced medical team and we take care of patients with our human quality.

The CRFI offers integral services based on state of the art techniques and excellent facilities proved by our quality certificates (Aenor 2010).




  • The Medical Team. Gynecology and Obstetrics

Dra. Lola Pascual Llopis
Dra. María López Muñoz
Dra. Carolina Monedero Mora


  • Embryology

Dr.Francisco Martínez Díaz
Eva Cogollos Úbeda
Ana Gallego López
Alberto Adrián Castillo


  • Anesthesia

Dra. Inmaculada Pintos
Dr. Santiago Partal


  • Psicologist

Maria Burgos Ramírez


  • Nursing

Miguel Ángel Burgos Rodríguez
Noelia Sánchez Bustamante


  • Nursing Assistant

Angelita Ramírez Ortega
Estefanía Nevado Silva
Remedios Guerrero Silva
Carmen Martinez Díaz


  • Data Base

José Antonio Martínez Díaz


  • CEO

Esther Jiménez Pastor